Our unique combination of prime habitat, ideal population level, and modern wildlife management techniques ensure a quality, natural free-range deer herd. We have been actively managing to improve the wildlife since we purchased the lodge property in 1951.  Today our property is renowned as one of the finest whitetail deer hunting properties in the Southeast.

Our landscape is designed for hunting.  Depending on recently observed whitetail deer activity, acorn abundance, or the stage of the rut, our guests will hunt from a variety of positions: sturdy metal ladder stands positioned in bottoms, tripods and elevated blinds overlooking hub and spokes, clear-cuts, or shooting houses located on one of our many wildlife food plots.  Guests may also bring their own climbing stands.


Buck Harvest Policy

At Westervelt Lodge, Alabama, hunters are asked to harvest only mature bucks, 3 1/2 + old buck with 8 or more points and an inside spread of 16 or more inches.  Any additional buck harvested must be larger than the first.

Either Sex Policy

Our guests are welcome and encouraged to help with our quality deer management program and are permitted to harvest one doe per day if they wish.

Whitetail Deer Hunting in Alabama
Whitetail Deer Hunting in Alabama
Alabama Whitetail Hunts – A Good One

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