Black Belt Deer Hunting Alabama

If you are a big-buck enthusiast, there is a good chance you have already heard about the famed Black Belt deer hunting in the state of Alabama.  Alabama’s hunting Region lies above the Coastal Plain and below the Appalachian foothills, stretching across the state through 23 counties.  So named because of the nutrient-rich soil, Alabama’s Black Belt was once an agricultural epicenter.  This fertile habitat is known to produce high-quality whitetails, making Black Belt deer hunting a desirable outing among hunters across the globe.

In fact, the Alabama Black Belt hunting and fishing opportunities bring an estimated $1 billion economic impact to the state, sustaining 11,000 jobs. Both wildlife managers and sportsmen alike recognize that the area consistently produces great weights and excellent antler characteristics in white-tailed deer, placing  Black Belt hunting on the radar of those seeking a record buck for their trophy collection.  Comprising less than 4% of the state’s landmass, this thin, crescent-shaped Black Belt deer hunting region produced 52% of the bucks listed in the first edition of Alabama Whitetail Records, published back in 1989.

The Alabama Black Belt also features superb terrain and cover for Wingshooting; to further complement  hunting, the region’s rivers, lakes, ponds, and streams lend themselves for bass, crappie, and bream fishing.

Aside from deer hunting, the Black Belt region includes numerous travel destinations that reflect the diverse history of the state.  While widely known for Black Belt deer hunting, the region is also the site of pivotal civil rights events that forever changed America

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