“Point Blank: Some of the finest shooting and dog work in the Southeast.”

Wingshooting is a popular sport throughout Alabama.  Our nationally recognized professional wildlife and forest management program has attained and preserved our tradition of providing an outstanding, natural hunting experience – a true challenge in a fair chase setting.

This sport is relatively modern by historical standards, with origins beginning sometime in the middle of the seventeenth century.  In fact, the first Wingshooting sportsmen were actually called “fowlers” and carried a “fowling piece” – which would be what we call a shotgun today [although, in terms of design, they probably aren’t even considered to be related anymore].  Over the centuries, wingshooting has become a beloved pastime by sportsmen the world over, and we carry on that tradition here at the Westervelt Lodge.

In 1974 Westervelt Lodge added skeet and trap fields, and four years later the first wingshooting school was offered.  Since that day, Westervelt has been as much a wingshooting lodge as it is a whitetail lodge.  Today, we have grown to include a full regulation trap and skeet range to help you warm up before your hunt.

Wingshooting Activities & Season

  • Open for dove hunting from 9/8/22 – 10/6/22.
  • Open for quail hunting (15-bird bag) from 10/1/22 – 3/31/22.
  • Open for mixed bag hunting (15 quail, 4 chukar, 2 pheasant) from 10/1/22 – 3/31/22.
  • The pricing for these Westervelt lodge activities includes guides, dogs, and field transportation.
  • Open for continental pheasant shoots from 10/1/22 – 3/31/22.

Wingshooting hunts can be fully guided or set up for those who prefer hunting with their own dogs. The popular forms of Wingshooting are Pheasant, Dove and Quail hunting.

Experience Wingshooting at Westervelt Lodge, one of the best hunting lodges in Alabama. In other words, this hunting lodge in Alabama will make your hunting experience unforgettable.

Wingshooting at Westervelt Lodge


European-style driven Pheasant Shoots

Hunters are stationed in 10 blinds surrounding a hidden tower. Three hundred birds are flighted as single or doubles through the shooters as blinds are rotated every 15 shots. Our elite experienced Labrador Retrievers collect every downed bird.  Events consist of two 20-gun shoots: one morning session and one in the afternoon.  Refreshments are provided during the shoot. Pheasant hunting is a perfect activity for charity fundraisers.  Contact us to learn how you can host one of these events.


Dove Shooting in Alabama is a deeply rooted southern tradition and has been an annual event at Westervelt Lodge for over forty years.  It’s the time honored tradition of a pre-hunt fried chicken lunch or BBQ shared with good friends.  After lunch you are transported to the dove fields in the early mid-day.  Car radios are faithfully tuned to live SEC college football games as dove hunters are dropped off at pre-determined stands.  Our dove fields have been planted and prepared for several months in anticipation of the season, doing everything legally possible to insure a “good shoot.”  Food and water are important ingredients for a good dove field, as well as proximity to good roosting habitat.  Fields are routinely scouted to provide our clients with the latest intel on dove activities. We like to offer our dove hunts to previously organized or corporate groups who are looking for the “Westervelt Experience” and an enjoyable sporting environment. Dove season opportunities are based the availability of birds, as doves are migratory wild birds that can go and come at will.


At Westervelt Lodge in Alabama, our hard-running bird dogs and experienced hunting guides take you on a traditional plantation-style quail hunt full of fast flushing birds and multiple opportunities to fill your game bag. Our intensive quail management program has created the optimum landscape for a challenging experience. The towering Southern pines surround well-groomed quality hunting courses. We offer plantation-style quail hunting or mixed bag hunting that include chukar and pheasant. From the challenge of hunting hard-flying birds in our old growth upland pine forests to our fencerow style of open field hunting, our bird hunting experience is unmatched.

Pheasant Hunting in Alabama
Wingshooting Land

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