Dove Shooting Alabama

Alabama Dove hunting guides and outfitters can offer a good deal of fun with this game bird.  Alabama has many different land features from meadows and fields to wooded forest and rugged terrains of low mountains, all lending to fantastic dove shooting.  When it comes to dove hunting in Alabama has over fifty-one thousand square miles of land to choose from, however, few places compare to Westervelt (though, we might be a bit biased).

The dove is part of the pigeon family and is almost worldwide in distribution.  While most abundant in warm, tropical countries, they are prevalent enough in Alabama to provide a most memorable  shooting experience.

Dove hunting in Alabama is similar to most areas, where the game birds dwell in trees or on the ground and feed on seeds, fruit and insects.  The distinctive rapid flight speed makes shooting a challenge, and for this reason many sportsmen make a point to go out in search for the dove’s cooing each fall.  Hunters interested in dove shooting Alabama can recognize this game bird by its distinctive physical features: small head, short neck, stout body with short legs, sleek greyish plumage and the trademark fleshy protuberance at the base of the bill.

Dove shooting is often done when the birds fly to or from their roost, or nesting area; a dove will build a loose, nearly flat nest of twigs, bark, straw, and weeds.  Dove hunting in Alabama revolves almost completely around the mourning dove, as you will not find other species in this region. In Alabama,  Dove hunting is a popular sport and many hunters plan their trips or guided hunts well in advance, as with any area with legendary dove shooting.

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