Quail Hunting Alabama

Quail hunting in Alabama, and across the Southeast is world-famous.  At Westervelt Lodge you will experience the finest quail hunting the South has to offer.  Much of the bobwhite quail hunting now takes place on commercial ranches or preserves.  Lodges in the Black Belt region offer shooting in various styles, including the traditional mule drawn wagon, horseback, quail buggies, and walkabouts. The hunting season in Alabama generally runs mid-October through March 30.  There still exists some public lands where hunting is prized, however it’s likely you will need a local to show you such locations.

The location of Westervelt in the heart of the south, along with the care we take to manage the land, provides our guests with unbelievable quail hunting in Alabama.  Southern hospitality, courteous guides, comfortable lodging, and gourmet food make for a memorable hunting experience.

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